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About Us

EcommBlitz is an ecommerce company fully engaged to alleviate poverty by giving people from all  walks of life the upper hand advantages of having once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity and entrepreneurship skills through technology to cope with the challenges of the future.

As  the Covid-19 Pandemic moved us deeper into a digital world, conducting businesses, accessing education, daily transportation, obtaining government requirements, remote working, and other critical services became very vital.  This digital  shift became  more  important than ever when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the whole world by huge storm, disrupting the ways people live, work, and play.

 Technology unlocks opportunities for many countries to bounce back, from boosting the economy to providing more employment and improving social services like healthcare, education, and security.  All these and more are  reasons why EcommBlitz came into existence.

By doing business with EcommBlitz , anyone can literally earn with or without money and with less work in a very short period of time. Thus having financial and time freedom, enjoying the  best of both worlds. So, the next lockdown would not be a big problem anymore. Everyone can earn  a living for their families while staying at home, building a cashless society for the whole world.